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We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We treasure and cultivate our connections with Presbyterians across the United States and around the world.

Current Positions Available

Interim Office Manager
July 13, 2020

(As the church and surrounding culture adjust to the presence of the COVID-19 virus, duties of this position will be accomplished either from home or from the office, as determined on a week to week basis by the Co-Pastors, in consultation with the Personnel Ministry Team. If the Church Office is opened and duties can no longer be accomplished within 25 hours, they will be re-evaluated and responsibilities will be redefined.)

General Responsibilities: Manage and coordinate the office functions of the church to ensure a) effective communication with members and the public; b) gracious support of the ministries of the co-pastors and staff; c) compassionate care of members, leaders, volunteers, and visitors; and d) the timely and accurate completion of office publications, documents, responsibilities, and tasks.

Status: This is an interim, part-time, hourly Operations Support Staff position, with hours logged and wages paid according to hours worked, normally not to exceed 25 hours per week. The hourly wage is $17. The position is defined and governed by the provisions of the Personnel Policy that apply to Operations Support Staff positions. (The Interim Office Manager is eligible to apply for a future non-interim office position.)

Accountable to: The Co-Pastors, as Heads of Staff.

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Answer the church telephone and respond promptly to emails and texts to the Church Office from 9:00 am-1:00 pm Monday through Friday, using the cell phone provided by the church, and including the church phone system when working from the office. (These hours may be adjusted in consultation with the interim office manager as the church campus gradually opens.) Keep voicemail messages current, transfer or refer all phone calls to church staff or the appropriate ministry team volunteer. Respond early the following day to calls, emails, and texts received weekdays after hours. Respond as promptly as possible to infrequent exceptional phone calls, emails, and texts from the Co-Pastors between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. weekdays.
2. Produce, revise, post, and print (as needed) weekly worship bulletins, which are incrementally prepared and refined by the Worship Planning Team beginning three weeks in advance, and finalized by Thursday or early Friday morning each week. File hard copies of each worship service in bulletin notebooks weekly.
3. Produce, revise, and send out the Weekend Update, a weekly Friday emailed newsletter notifying the congregation of worship opportunities, upcoming events, and church information.
4. Collaborate creatively and effectively with the Communications Coordinator regarding the design and content of specific congregational email and print communications.
5. Update the Intercessory Prayer List as requests are received, and email weekly.
6. Organize, produce, and send out a monthly email newsletter (The FOCUS) summarizing longer term and bigger picture church plans, events, and information. Print and mail to members without computers.
7. Learn and update the Shelby membership database, Instant Church Directory, and MailChimp distribution list as changes are received, notifying appropriate staff and elders of changes.
8. Distribute mail and packages. Proactively order office and disposable kitchen supplies. Keep the physical office area neat and tidy in consultation with Co-Pastors and staff.
9. Keep the church Zoom meeting calendar current during COVID-19. Record and update all church meetings on the large physical calendar if/when the office opens.
10. Arrange for all needed maintenance of office machines, the phone system, church computers, and the wireless system.
11. Participate actively in weekly staff meetings and worship planning meetings.
12. As requested, handle membership correspondence; prepare and print special service and memorial service bulletins; and write appreciation notes for memorial financial gifts.
13. Assist elders with and provide labels for seasonal mailings and projects (birthdays, Birthday Fund, stewardship campaign, Session retreat, etc.), and assist with ministry team needs as requested by the Co-Pastors.
14. Report facility cleaning needs or issues pertaining to the church’s cleaning service to the Co-Pastors.
15. If the building/office opens during this interim, welcome and assist members, staff, and visitors who come to the office, and direct vendors, service-providers, and contractors to appropriate areas of the campus. When leaving the office, check the buildings as needed to be sure everything is locked, and alarms are activated.
16. Assist the Co-Pastors with other duties as requested.

1. Energized by the opportunity to proactively support Christian ministry in a Presbyterian Church context.
2. Skilled in the use of Microsoft Publisher, Word, Outlook, and Excel. Ability to quickly learn and use MailChimp, Shelby Database, and Instant Church Directory.
3. Friendly, cheerful, and helpful in phone and office interactions with members, visitors, pastors, and staff.
4. Committed to honoring confidentiality and to bringing any employment or relational concerns that may arise directly to the Co-Pastors.
5. Committed to work mornings through the lunch hour, and able to occasionally respond by phone, email, or text after hours in exceptional situations (to be logged and included for hourly pay).

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