First United Presbyterian Church

The FUPC Logo

Today’s FUPC cross is found on the door of the church van — and in many other places as well, because it is the official church logo. Mary Mann remembers that the designer was a friend of hers and the daughter of one of the office managers many years ago.

The logo combines the cross with a multicolored swirl. The triangular base of the cross reminds us of the large cross on the sanctuary roof, which can be seen from many places around town.

We first see the logo on the website in 2014. Prior to that year, the PCUSA Seal was used in place of a logo, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Since it was designed, the logo has been used for many purposes. You can find it on the wall, on T shirts, on documents, and on the church letterhead, among many other places.

You might even have noticed variants of this logo in the image used for the Children’s Ministry…

and the logo for the Light on the Hill concert series.

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