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Psalm 72:18-19

Psalm 72:18-19

18 Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, who alone does wondrous things.19 Blessed be his glorious name forever; may his glory fill the whole earth. Amen and Amen 

The verses from this Psalm remind us of the great majesty and wonder of our God, the One who performs marvelous deeds beyond our comprehension. As we prepare our hearts and minds for the celebration of Christ’s birth, it is important to praise God, who in their infinite wisdom, sent Jesus to dwell among us. 

As we place our hope in God for today and the future, the psalmist echoes our prayer and longing for all of creation to be filled with the Glory of God. While struggling through our human challenges, busy lives, and societal expectations, take a few moments today to pause and reflect on the greatness of God. Look around for a moment and notice the light around you. Each flicker of a Christmas light, a candle, a fireplace, or a lamp is bringing God’s light and warmth directly to us. This is a reminder that God’s glory is not a distant past or an invisible mystery, but a symbol of God’s presence with us here today. In the midst of the darkness, God’s light shines brightly for us. 

Today, may our hearts be overflowing with praise for God who is always working in marvelous ways. When we are in the darkness, God is working to bring light. May our lives reflect God’s light into the world, and may we bring hope and joy to those around us. 

Creator and Creating God, help us to slow down and look around for your majesty and marvelous deeds in the world. Let us carry praise for you in our hearts and actions, sharing the good news of your amazing work in a world so in need of your light, love, and grace. Amen and Amen.  

Contributed by Amanda McDonald

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