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A Light on the Hill


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A beautiful coffee table book filled with 200 years of the history of our church, with photos throughout.

The history of Fayetteville United Presbyterian Church is in many ways a history of Northwest Arkansas. Big events and small ones, local celebrities and unsung heroes, scandals and uplifting moments — they’re all in this book.

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Buy a copy for yourself and don’t forget the people you love, people who grew up in this church and may remember some of the stories, as well as people who will enjoy learning about the adventures and decisions that brought so many streams of faith together into the congregation we are today.

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We believe that newcomers will enjoy learning about our history from the beginnings of the very first organized church in Fayetteville in 1830. We also believe that old timers will enjoy reading about the part their families played in the 187 year history of First United Presbyterian Church.

Many will love scanning pictures of children and youth activities and finding their now grown children. Others will enjoy reading about the good times and the hard times, and in the end will learn, as we did, that the good times far outnumber the painful ones.

We hope that you enjoy this book and cherish all members making up this dedicated and loving congregation. We have a wonderful and exciting story to tell, and a legacy to hold high.

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