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Phil’s Cross

Pastor Phil sent this photo of a fabric cross prepared for Palm Sunday in Comayagua, Honduras. Phil Butin, who came with his wife Jan as co-pastors in 2010, has been deeply involved with the Honduras mission.

The Presbytery of Arkansas and the Presbytery of Honduras made a covenant in 2014, and FUPC has been involved in the annual mission trips to Honduras since that time. Each year, Arkansas churches join with churches in Honduras in projects ranging from sewing and planting to solar power and construction, helping to meet the needs of churches and communities in Honduras.

Honduras is a country located in Central America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. It’s a beautiful country with a rich history and culture.The population of Honduras is around 10 million people. The Maya civilization flourished in the region for centuries before the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. Honduras gained independence from Spain in 1821 and has since been a republic with a democratic government.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America, with a large portion of the population living below the national poverty line. This poverty is unequally distributed, with marginalized communities facing the brunt of it. Honduras has a high crime rate, fueled by gang activity and drug trafficking. This violence creates a climate of fear and insecurity for many Hondurans.

Honduras is located in a hurricane-prone region and is also susceptible to earthquakes and floods. These natural disasters cause significant damage to infrastructure and livelihoods. Climate change is already having a negative impact on Honduras, with more frequent and intense droughts and floods. This is expected to worsen in the coming years, affecting food security and displacing populations.
These problems are all interconnected. Poverty and lack of opportunity can contribute to crime, while weak institutions and corruption make it harder to address these issues effectively.

FUPC is instrumental in helping to support theological training and financial needs of pastors for the Presbytery of Honduras, as well as education for the young people in the communities. We look forward to continuing to support these efforts as part of our mission and outreach initiatives. Phil and the other mission trip participants are on their way home now.

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