First United Presbyterian Church

New Mask Policy

This is the new mask policy of First United Presbyterian Church Fayetteville:

It is the policy of First United Presbyterian Church to follow the CDC’s COVID Community Level County Check for Washington County in its masking policy.

(You can check the current county status via the widget at the bottom of this page.) 


When Washington County metrics are at green (low risk) level, masking is optional, and masking for children is at parents’ discretion.

When metrics place Washington County at a yellow (medium risk) level, masking for all, especially those who are not or cannot be vaccinated, will be strongly encouraged.

When metrics reach orange (high risk) level, masking will be required indoors for everyone using any church buildings (including both church and community groups), except for children under two years of age in worship under the direct supervision of their parents or in the church nursery.


Additionally, food and beverages may be provided at church events only when the community levels are at yellow and green.

In the case of any COVID outbreak that can demonstrably be traced to church contacts, regardless of the CDC Community Level Count Check, masking will be required for a period of time to be determined by the Session.

Each week, the applicable level and masking requirements will be indicated at major church entries, on the home page of the church website, and in the Weekly Update.

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