First United Presbyterian Church


Searching for crosses on Presbyterian Hill, you’ll find this cross on communion ware. In the Presbyterian tradition, Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, holds a special place:

One of Two Sacraments

Presbyterians consider Communion one of the two sacraments. The other is baptism. We see these as divinely ordained acts that express faith and encounter God’s grace.

Presbyterians believe the bread and wine are symbolic representations of Christ’s body and blood, not a physical transformation.

Remembering and Renewal

The focus is on remembering Jesus’s sacrifice and the new covenant established through his death and resurrection. It’s a time for self-reflection, renewal of faith, and recommitment to Christian living.

We have an open table, meaning all baptized believers are welcome to participate in Communion, regardless of denomination. The sharing of the meal together emphasizes the unity and fellowship within the Christian community.

Presbyterians view Communion as a sacred act of remembrance, thanksgiving, and recommitment to their faith. It’s a time to connect with God and fellow believers through a shared experience.

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