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Annual Giving 2022

In the early fall of each year, the session plans for the upcoming year and prepares a proposed church operating budget which supports the plans.  A significant portion of the budget (approximately 72 percent) is funded through the receiving of pledges from the congregation.  A pledge is an individual or family’s giving commitment to the church for the coming year.

The congregation receives a request from the session to pledge their time and talents towards the planned work of the church and to pledge their treasures to support these efforts.  Each member is asked to prayerfully consider how they can invest the resources God has made available to them in the service of God’s purposes.

Pledges can be made online, by mail or during worship on Dedication Sunday.  During the worship service on Dedication Sunday, members bring forth their time and talent forms and giving estimate cards.  The focus of worship that Sunday is on remembering all Christ has done, giving thanks for all the blessings received and rededicating our lives to Christ.  The congregation joins together in pledging to serve God with whatever gifts they have received so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ.

First Letter to the Congregation

Second Letter to the Congregation


You may complete your pledge card and time and talent form online. All pledge information will be kept confidential. Please use the links below.

Pledge Cards

Spiritual Gifts

2023 Stewardship Brochure

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