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Advent Devotional Guides

For Advent 2020, we have exciting new devotional booklets for use at home.

You will find the links to these materials on password protected pages. That means that you will need a password to see them. Then you can download them and use them online or print them out for your family.

How to use the password protected page

This is how the page will look when you click the link below and go to it:

Type the password into the box and click on “Enter.”

This is how the page will look once you put in the password.

Click on the “Download…” instructions and you will see a PDF file which you can download and print.

How to get the password

The password will be announced in our worship services this Sunday, November 22. If you miss it, you can also contact Kristi Button to get the password.

If you have any difficulties getting hold of the materials, please contact Kristi for help.

The links

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