First United Presbyterian Church

Adult Sunday School 2024

First United Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville has three adult Sunday School classes. These discussion groups focus on spiritual growth and fellowship, and everyone is welcome! Join us at 9:30 Sunday morning. The first meeting of the year will be on January 14th.

The Present Word is studying lessons drawn from both the old and new testament exploring what scripture has to say about faith. Some lessons focus on  individuals (such as Elizabeth or Mary or Daniel) whose deep faith in God helps and guides them through challenging circumstances.  Other lessons explore what scripture has to say about faith through the prophets and teachers of the bible.  The lessons help us reflect on the fruits of faith – the peace, courage, clarity, joy and trust that can carry us through perplexity and hardship when we live faith-filled lives. The class meets in Calvin 201 at 9:30.

The Open Door discussion group will be reading Bene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. “Belonging so fully to yourself that you’re willing to stand alone is a wilderness—an untamed, unpredictable place of solitude and searching. It is a place as dangerous as it is breathtaking, a place as sought after as it is feared,” says the author. “The wilderness can often feel unholy because we can’t control it, or what people think about our choice of whether to venture into that vastness or not. But it turns out to be the place of true belonging, and it’s the bravest and most sacred place you will ever stand.”The class meets in Upper Witherspoon at 9:30, with discussion beginning at 9:45.

The Thoughtful Christians group will be studying the Presbyterian catechism for adults. It addresses 134 questions including “What is God’s Purpose for Your Life?”, “Is Christianity the only True Religion?”, “Will all Human Beings be Saved?”, and “How will God deal with the followers of other religions?” The group meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the FUPC Library.

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