Worship Planning

fupcimage-008The Worship Committee coordinates many tasks, including recruitment of greeters, ushers, acolytes and other volunteers necessary to conduct all services of worship. The committee ensures that communion is offered when determined by the Session of the church, and seeks volunteers to prepare and serve communion elements. The committee is involved with all aspects of the physical plant of the sanctuary, including the sound system, the decorations, and instruments. The committee works with the pastors and director of music, as necessary, to see that worship services, whether regular or special services, glorify God and lift up the people of God.

At First United Presbyterian Church, we find great joy in making and enjoying music together. Realizing the emotional and educational importance of music in worship and study, John and Charles Wesley carried hymnbooks along with their Bibles when they traveled to preach. They reasoned that timid souls who couldn’t easily speak their faith could sing it.

Although First United Presbyterian counts among its members many talented musicians, training is not required for participation in the music program. All that is needed is the desire to make a joyful noise! Two adult choirs are available for membership without audition: the Chancel Choir and Chancel Ringers. They practice weekly and share responsibilities for Sunday morning worship services and special services.

To become involved or to learn more about the committee, please contact the church office
info@fupcfay.org or call 442-4411