United Presbyterian Youth

(7th-12th Grade)

Directors of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Brianne Christiansen |

Jacob Christiansen |

A “GroupMe” group chat has been set up for UPY students! This group chat allows us to communicate with each other, share photos/GIFs, etc. If you’d like to connect with the group text, reach out to Brianne Christiansen at

The Session of FUPC has voted to allow UPY to meet in person for the summer, provided certain safety procedures are followed. For the time being, UPY will exclusively meet outside. All students / adults will be required to wear masks when within 10 ft. of each other. No food or water will be shared. Handwashing will be required upon arrival. For a more full list of safety precautions, see the schedule graphic below. 


Weekly Schedule

UPY Together – Sunday evenings, 5-6:30 p.m.

This is our weekly large-group gathering. For the summer, UPY is meeting at Gulley Park. We hang out, enjoy the outdoors, and learn about God’s justice in our community. All incoming 7th graders through outgoing 12th graders are invited to attend. Rain plain: Meet at the covered patio by the sanctuary on the FUPC campus. Please make sure you wear a mask!

Guys’ Small Groups – Wednesday evenings, 7:30-8:30 p.m.

All 7th – 12th grade boys are invited to join our Guys’ Small Group! Right now, the small group meets on Wednesday nights from 7:30 – 8:30pm at the FUPC fire pit. We hang out, enjoy a fire, and have open discussions about our faith. The emphasis is on personal sharing and encouragement! Rain plan: meet at the covered patio by the FUPC sanctuary. Please make sure you wear a mask!

About UPY

At First United Presbyterian Church, we believe that building students up to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ is a primary responsibility of any church. That’s why our students spend time in quality discussion of that complicated book called “The Holy Bible.” We don’t believe that easy answers or surface-level understandings will help our students take ownership of their faith. Instead, we aim to inspire wonder in the person and the word of God.

The students and staff of United Presbyterian Youth (UPY) are passionate about the story of God. Everything we do is centered around sharing and enjoying God’s work throughout history. That means we tell and retell the fantastic stories from the pages of Scripture. But it also means that we tell stories of God’s work in our own lives—we’re part of God’s story too. Every week UPY students share a “King Sighting,” a small (or large) moment where they’ve seen God during their week.

We enjoy practical service opportunities, Bible studies, retreats, and large-group gatherings, all designed to help us grow resilient and community-oriented faith. Students at UPY have a chance to make a visible difference in God’s Kingdom by participating in outreach opportunities through work with local agencies, national mission trips, and even international relief efforts.

We seek to create a welcoming and loving environment where everyone is welcome. UPY welcomes all youth 7th-12th grade to join us for faith, fellowship, and fun. Come along with us as we engage with God’s story together!

Feel free to contact Brianne or Jacob Christiansen for more details!