Deacons are ordained officers of the Presbyterian Church (USA) whose ministry focuses around sympathy, witness, and service. At FUPC, our Board of Deacons forms a ministry team of prayer, concern, and action for congregational care. The Board of Deacons meets monthly to share joys, concerns, and needs in the congregation, and to offer these needs in prayer. Our Deacons find that we grow spiritually ourselves as they pray for and endeavor to meet the congregational needs.

The Deacons coordinate food for those in special need, such as at times of illness, birth, or death. Many in the congregation have assisted our ordained Deacons in this aspect of the committee by giving of time in preparing and delivering food. Other ways in which we serve:

  • Send cards and letters in times of grief or illness, as well as regularly to shut-ins. In some years as many as 1,200 notes or cards are sent.
  • Coordinate visitation to shut-ins or elderly members.
  • Coordinate transportation for members who need transportation to church.
  • Coordinate with elementary Sunday School children to make cards for members at Butterfield Trail.
  • Purchase and deliver poinsettias at Christmas to those who have had special needs during the year. Each year there are approximately 60 to 70 plants delivered.
  • Mail the worship guide to those not able to attend church.
  • Deliver tapes of the worship service by request.
  • Act as the liaison between the Session and Stephen Ministry.
  • Provide funds, budgeted from the Session, for congregational care, and for the pastor’s discretionary fund.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry Helping Persons Through Trying Times

Many of us find it hard to admit we need help in life changing times such as career changes, retirement, child birth, divorce or separation, serious illness (self or family members), grief, and other circumstances. Stephen Minstry, a caring ministry to help persons through trying times, has been a mission of our congregation for many years.

A Stephen Minister is a trained Christian caregiver, a compassionate friend who listens, cares and keeps all conversations confidential. Talking with an objective, non judgmental person can be of great benefit when it may be difficult to share with a family member. Stephen Ministers are NOT counselors. Their role is to listen and to care, not to counsel or advise.

Visit with a pastor or Stephen Leader if you would like to consider having a Stephen Minister walk with you during stressful times.

P.S. Are you a compassionate, caring individual who can keep confidences? Would you like to serve as a Stephen Minister? Training classes will be offered in early 2011. Contact a pastor or Stephen Leader for further information and an application form.