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FUPC COVID-19 Response

The Session received the report of the FUPC COVID-19 Response Team at a Called Meeting on August 9 and approved it by email vote on August 14.  The Response Team included moderators of several FUPC ministry areas and two medical professionals from the congregation.  To read the policy in its entirety, please click the link at the bottom of this summary.  We want you to be informed.

What follows is an update for the congregation, referring to the policy but not intended to be identical to it, and including information on practical ways we are living together during this pandemic. We hope it answers some of the questions you have.  We encourage you to read both this summary and the full document.

Our Covenant

  1. Whenever we are together, we will wear masks and practice 6’ distancing.
  2. Leaders and musicians will distance 16’ from participants.
  3. Masking for pre-kindergarten children is at the discretion of their parent(s).
  4. We will express Christian care in ways that do not involve hugs, handshakes, or other physical contact.
  5. When we need to meet, we will be present to each other outdoors. (A few exceptions are below.)
  6. Together as a church, we will pray for the containment of this virus, for effective treatment, and for a vaccine.


  1. In-person, outdoor worship will take place on the Courtyard each Sunday at 8:30 am.
  2. The 10 am service will be livestreamed.
  3. When communion is celebrated, deacons will deliver the elements to those who are staying close to their homes. Elders will distribute the elements to those who drive to the church at the specified times before the livestream service.
  4. Deacons will connect those who want to participate in the livestream service with Sunday morning callers.
  5. Kickoff Sunday will be September 13 with outdoor in-person worship at 8:30 am, new Spiritual Growth opportunities (by Zoom and outdoors) at 9:30 am, and livestreamed worship at 11 am.
  6. The Worship ministry team will continue to monitor and make monthly recommendations to Session regarding reopening the Sanctuary.

Church Office, Buildings, and Other Property

  1. Although staff (including First School staff) occasionally will be working at the church, the buildings, including the Church Office are still closed and locked.
  2. Weather-resistant bins and tubs are available outside of the Calvin building for any items you are receiving, donating, returning, or exchanging. You are welcome to use these as you need for ongoing ministry.  Please put food donations in the outdoor containers that have lids or drawers.
  3. Church and community groups approved to be indoors are limited to the staff (including First School), Community Meals volunteers, and 12-Step participants.
  4. If you need to enter a building (for recovery support, a ministry role, property maintenance, or other service to the church), please sign the Contact List as you enter.  Names are not required (for anonymity), but please include your phone numbers (for contact tracing).
  5. When an outdoor FUPC meeting is approved on church grounds, specific restrooms will be assigned through the Office. They will be sanitized by C & C Services during normal work hours.
  6. Group leaders are responsible for group compliance with CDC, state, and local protocols during events, for following appropriate sanitation of restrooms by users during events, and for locking buildings after meetings.
  7. If anyone is diagnosed with COVID-19 after being at the church (indoors or outdoors), it must be reported immediately to the Church Office.


  1. You can reach our Interim Office Manager, Rosie Haden, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 1 pm, at 479-442-4411. (When First School opens, these hours will change.)
  2. Staff will come to the door and assist you outdoors, as needed.
  3. You are welcome to contact staff by phone, email, or text at home (where they are working).  All are happy to help you.
  4. USPS mail is picked up and opened on weekdays.
  5. A maximum of four persons may be in the Church Office at a time.

Zoom Meetings

  1. The Session, deacons, ministry teams, and staff will meet by Zoom.
  1. Zoom meetings are scheduled through Rosie Haden (
  1. The password for the congregational Zoom has changed to “695Calvin” (nine characters/our street address without a space and no period).  The second Zoom account is primarily used for Spiritual Growth, and it’s password is “FUPCfamily” (ten characters without a space and no period).
  1. Instructions for using Zoom and training or practice prior to meetings are available by contacting our Communications Coordinator, Jacob Christiansen (

Spiritual Growth (Children, Youth, Adults)

  1. We are not yet able to have Sunday morning children’s classes or to provide a nursery.
  2. In the fall, the children’s FUPC YouTube channel will continue.  Families will be provided with materials at home to provide spiritual growth experiences.
  3. An afternoon drive-through CARnival for children and an event for youth will take place on Kickoff Sunday.
  4. An End of Summer Party is being planned for youth.
  5. Face to face youth ministry activities will continue to be held outdoors. In poor weather, events and groups will be held by Zoom.
  6. Confirmation plans are progressing.
  7. Adult Zoom discussions will continue with new topics and/or books.
  8. Weekday adult small groups will continue by Zoom.
  9. Church vehicles will not be used to transport children, youth, or adults until further notice.


  1. Fellowship events (lasting up to an hour) will follow the same protocols as outdoor worship.
  2. No food or beverages may be served by the church, but individuals may be encouraged to bring their own.
  3. The needs of children will be prominent to encourage participation of families.
  4. FUPC small groups may meet offsite outdoors offsite with masks and social distancing. Attendance will be determined by the space. Sanitized restrooms will be available.


  1. Community Meals continue to be provided through Seven Hills and Trinity United Methodist Church.
  2. Guests from local outreach and service organizations are being invited to present at meetings.
  3. Financial gifts have been sent to Honduras to provide food bags for Presbyterian and community families.
  4. CEO has reopened and is receiving and distributing donations.
  5. The Individual Assistance Fund is being used for those impacted by the pandemic.


  1. Contributions will continue to be received by mail, by automatic bank draft, and through the new website.
  2. When indoor worship is approved, new procedures related to the offering will be recommended.
  3. The 2021 Stewardship Campaign, “Christ, the Hope of our Changing World,” will include a virtual talent show and a virtual event that highlights various church ministries and outreach opportunities (with a time for questions).
  4. Financial gifts may be given and Stewardship materials may be downloaded at the website:

Presbyterian Women

  1. PW is planning a drive-through event August 23 to purchase Horizons Study Guides, to drop off PW pledges, and to make donations of masks and peanut butter for Fayetteville Public Schools.
  2. PW Circles and the Covenant Group will resume by Zoom in September.  Hooks and Needles will not begin yet.

First School

  1. First School will open September 10 with all health and safety measures in place.
  2. Parents will not enter the buildings.  Children will be received at their classroom doors. Temperatures and screening of children and parents will be done outside before children enter.
  3. First School staff will not use the Church Office and the church staff will not go into First School (except in an emergency).

Some exceptions may be granted.  See link below.


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