Congregational Initiatives and Objectives

vision-objectivesCalled to be a light on the hill, we boldly proclaim and serve Christ, the Hope of our changing world.

As a community of faith committed to WORSHIP that is vibrant, profound and transformative, we will:

  • Glorify God by involving each member in worship that deepens faith, speaks to our needs, encourages discipleship and equips us to bear the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Incorporate different styles of worship into our existing services and consider the development of a contemporary service.
  • Partner periodically with other congregations in ecumenical and/or multi-cultural worship.
  • Nurture and broaden our music ministry and the use of other creative arts in worship.

As a community of faith committed to SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND EDUCATION that sustain hope, cultivate wonder and develop a joyful and genuine faith grounded in scripture, we will:

  • Challenge, encourage and equip each of our members to regularly pray and study scripture.
  • Explore and implement fulfilling and challenging new models of Christian education and discipleship for children, youth, college students, and adults.
  • Support the development of new small groups for study and prayer.
  • Increase participation in and development of new educational ministries.

As a community of faith committed to EVANGELISM and FELLOWSHIP that welcome, nurture and draw us into a caring community, we will:

  • Connect visitors and new members immediately with fellowship groups and ministries that match their gifts, interests and needs.
  • Draw children, youth, and college students into this church community, where they experience loving acceptance and are challenged to grow in discipleship.
  • Emphasize church fellowship activities that reflect our church’s mission and purpose.
  • Expand development of small groups with a variety of emphases.

As a community of faith committed to SERVICE and OUTREACH through which God sends us out to work with others for justice, freedom and peace we will:

  • Encourage a commitment from each member to hands-on involvement in mission.
  • Promote local, regional, national, and global service opportunities to encourage member involvement.
  • Commit annually to focused financial and hands-on involvement with 3-5 local missions, partnering as possible with others.
  • Commit to focused financial and hands-on involvement with one global mission project over a 5-10 year period, partnering with PCUSA global missions.

As a community of faith committed to STEWARDSHIP of God’s gifts that is enthusiastic, wise and faithful, we will:

  • Teach stewardship of God’s gifts as a way of life for children, youth and adults.
  • Encourage each member to sacrificially give of his/her time, talents and monetary resources.
  • Raise the current and long-range financial support needed for the work and life of the church.
  • Provide and maintain attractive and functional facilities that meet the needs of our church.
  • Enhance and utilize the natural beauty of our location.

As a community of faith committed to LEADERSHIP that is visionary, inspirational and missional we will:

  • Contribute our unique talents and gifts by serving as effective lay leaders.
  • Identify those with gifts for ministry and encourage and support them in responding to God’s call.
  • Support our pastors and staff with our time, talent, insights and love.
  • Provide opportunities and encouragement for our pastors and staff to renew, refresh and grow.
  • Deepen ongoing leadership training to support the ministries of our Session and Board of Deacons.