Solar Under the Sun Project

solar-under-the-sunSynod of the Sun – Presbyteries within Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma

The Presbyterian Woman of FUPC and the youth of the congregation have led the way in supporting the Synod of the Sun’s partnership with the Synod of Living Waters to provide clean, sustainable water to the world’s children coupled with a solar power supply. “Solar Under the Sun” trains leaders in two separate leadership tracks: Solar 1. Leadership, Partnership Development and Surveying; and 2. Installation and Equipping Partners. Training is at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, and congregations are required to have one leader trained in each area prior to a team installing a solar powered system.

First United Presbyterian Church has financially contributed to this project, and has the goal of training a team to install solar panels to provide the power for water purification systems. Leaders will be trained at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center, and then our team will join others in learning how to install the system in Haiti. It is our hope that we will train enough mission workers from FUPC that we will be able to provide a whole team and expand the reach of Solar Under the Sun into Chiapas, Mexico, where the Synod of Living Waters has already been installing water purification systems through their “Living Waters for the World” project.

Interested in changing the lives of our sisters and brothers in Christ in other parts of the world? This is it!

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