It is our prayer and hope at First United Presbyterian Church that in following Jesus Christ we glorify God in all that we do, from the way we treat others to the career path that we choose. But we are also called to intentionally set aside time and energy to serve those who most need God’s love. Serving Christ by serving as Christ’s hands and heart in the world is what the Church is called to do. Committed to Christ, we are called to follow him. We follow him by giving of our time feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, clothing those in need, visiting the sick and those in prison (Matthew 25:35-36). Each of us has the need to serve – yes, we need to serve. In the same way that we need to be loved and cared for, we need to care for others in this world.

There are so many opportunities to serve Christ right here in our community! Whether you have only one hour per week that you can give, or one Saturday per month, there are needs within the community that you can meet. Yes, the organizations need your help, and God calls us to serve. But what is really the heart of the matter is that each of us needs to serve. We need to give of ourselves to be who God calls us to be – a servant of Christ.

First United Presbyterian Church financially supports many organizations within the Northwest Arkansas Community, but we also emphasize the need that each of us has to directly be involved in serving others. Each year First United Presbyterian Church designates specific organizations within the community that we intentionally work with to find ways of meeting their needs, and encourage our members to become more involved with. For those organizations we have developed Service Opportunity forms, for specific job needs that can be met either during the weekday, week-night, or on the weekend. Take a look at the different opportunities, and open yourself to the joy of serving Jesus Christ!